Chenxia Han (韩晨夏)

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I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My advisor is Prof. Eric Lo. Before graduate study, I took a gap year in the algorithm team of TuSimple, advised by Dr. Naiyan Wang.

My research interest focuses on the intersection of machine learning and system.




Top-K Deep Video Analytics: A Probabilistic Approach
Ziliang Lai, Chenxia Han, Chris Liu, Pengfei Zhang, Eric Lo, Ben Kao
SIGMOD, 2021
[Paper] [Code] [BibTex]

SimpleDet: A Simple and Versatile Distributed Framework for Object Detection
Yuntao Chen, Chenxia Han, Yanghao Li, Zehao Huang, Yi Jiang, Naiyan Wang
JMLR, 2019
[Paper] [Code] [BibTex]

Mask Guided Knowledge Distillation for Single Shot Detector
Yousong Zhu, Chaoyang Zhao, Chenxia Han, Jinqiao Wang, Hanqing Lu
ICME, 2019
[Paper] [BibTex]


Revisiting Feature Alignment for One-stage Object Detection
Yuntao Chen, Chenxia Han, Naiyan Wang, Zhaoxiang Zhang
arXiv:1908.01570, 2019
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